COVID-19 E-Pass Application Form { State Wise } Corona Lockdown Curfew Pass Apply Online, Step by Step Procedure

By | May 4, 2020

COVID-19 E-Pass Online Application Form for All States Corona Lockdown Curfew Pass Check Here: As we all know, India is under 21 days lock-down to fight against Covid 19. Prime Minister announced this lock-down live on TV and requested all citizens to adhere to the orders. During this lock-down period, people will have to stay in their homes and do not move out unnecessarily. Despite the lock-down, some people are exempted from this. Those people who are associated with essential services are not being stopped from moving even in lock-down. Many Indian states have started the “Pass” or E-Pass system to ensure that only needy people can move out.In this article, we are discussing, how to obtain Curfew Pass in various states of India. Here, we have focused on the online procedure to get COVID-19 E-Pass Apply Online 21 Days lock-down in India.

COVID 19 E-Pass Online

The local administration, as per the orders from the Government of India is allowing people, whose work is classified as “Essential Service”. These passes are also available for some special cases like Death, Patient etc.These passes can be shown to the policemen and they will authorize the movement of the pass holder. This Curfew pass availability is also available online in some states. Lock-down passes obtained via online mode are referred to as “E-Pass” for that you have to Apply Online COVID 19 E-Pass via help of internet. All necessary information regarding E-Pass availability is given on the official websites of States as well as District websites within the respective state.

COVID-19 E-Pass Application Form { State Wise } Corona Lockdown Curfew Pass Apply Online, Step by Step Procedure

Corona Virus Curfew E-Pass 2020 State Wise Details

Events Details
Organization Government of India
Name of Services Curfew E- Pass
Eligible for 21 Days
Category COVID 19 E-Pass Online
Eligibility Essential Service
Official Website

COVID 19 Online E-Pass Demo

COVID 19 E Pass Demo

State Wise Corona Curfew Online Pass

Corona virus cases have increased to 3000+ in the country. At the same time, to stop the infection of the virus, the central government has imposed a nationwide lock-down till 14 April.Citizens are instructed not to leave the house without necessary work. Meanwhile, the police force is trying to make the lock-down a success. People leaving the streets without reason are being dealt with vigorously. Those people who are associated with essential services are free from this lock-down. The government has given facility of COVID 19 E- Pass for such people. This pass is being given to the merchants and their employees who are involved in the services of essential commodities.

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Basic Format for COVID 19 Online E-Pass Application Form

COVID 19 E-Pass Online Application Form Basic Format

Services which are Classified as “Essential”

  • Law & Order and Magisterial Duties
  • Police
  • Govt Health Worker/Govt Doctor/Health official
  • Treasury
  • Urban Local Bodies & Rural Development
  • Fire
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Govt. Food Supply
  • Public Bank Employee
  • Govt. IT/ITES/Telecom
  • Postal Services
  • Other Govt. Employees
  • Essential Supply Transportation
  • Essential Supply Distribution
  • Essential Items Manufacturing
  • Private Health Practitioner
  • Private Bank Employee
  • Private Telecom/Internet Services
  • Private Courier
  • Media
  • Bank/ATM Visit
  • Patient
  • Death Case
  • Miscellaneous

State Wise COVID 19 Online E-Pass Websites

State Name Online E-Pass Website Link

Delhi Curfew E-Pass Apply Online { Application & Status}

Uttar Pradesh

Apply Online

Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

Madhya Pradesh
Jharkhand Apply Here
Assam Apply Here

Apply Online Below-

Check Status

Himachal Pradesh
Tamil Nadu Apply Online

For Tiruvannamalai-


Rajasthan Apply Here

Apply Online

How to Apply PDF

Bihar Corona Sahayata Yojana App { Download Here }

For Katihar Apply

Application Form Format

West Bengal

Update Soon

PM Garib Kalyan Yojana 2020 { कोरोना सहायता योजना }

Aarogya Setu App Download { COVID-19 India Tracker }


For Bengaluru

KSP Clear Pass for Individual

KSP Clear Pass for Organisation

Gujarat Check Here
Andhra Pradesh Check Here
Odisha Check Here

Emergency Allowed without pass

For individuals- Update Soon

Chhattisgarh Apply Here

Important Details Required to Get E-Pass Online

  • Applicants District
  • Applicants Village (Town) Name
  • Applicants Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Government Id
  • Or and other Required Documents
  • Vehicle Registration Number (RC Book)
  • And other details

COVID-19 E-Pass:- FAQ

Q1: Which States have started COVID-19 E-Pass distribution service?

Answer: This facility is currently available in all states of India. Most of the states have started the online system, those who have not started it yet will start it soon.

Q 2: What are the details required to Obtain an E-Pass?

Answer: Basic Information like applicant’s District, Village Name, Applicant’s Name, Mobile Number, Government ID or any other required ID document, Vehicle Registration Number (RC Book), Dates etc.

Procedure to Apply Online for Covid 19 E-Pass

▶️ Step 1: First of All, Visit the Official Portal or E-Pass page for your State

▶️ Step 2: Once you are there, you need to provide asked for some information.

▶️ Step 3: Then applicant needs to select the District and he/she needs to provide the name of the village,town or city

▶️ Step 4: Afterwards, the applicant needs to provide his/her name & other key information like Details of Essential Services or Emergency

▶️ Step 5: The applicant needs to mention the ID Type and enter the ID number. Also, the mobile number should be entered, as the E-Pass information will be given on the mentioned mobile number

Note: If you are also involved with essential goods and services, then you should also make curfew pass. For this, curfew pass can be taken from the Deputy Commissioner of Police office. At the same time, passes are being issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Police for the people traveling to neighboring states in connection with the necessary work during the lock-down.

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